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Partkit360 Power Dollies

“Makes me proud and my neighbors envious!"

Parkit360° power dollies pull and park almost any sized trailer with ease. Our power battery-operated dolly is a dream to operate, and is so compact that it can fit in the back of a Mini Cooper.

Ball mounted Stablelock technology:

Mount almost any trailer onto your Parkit360° and lock it into place with our safe and convenient Stablelock technology.

Super compact design:

Take your Parkit360° anywhere you go for fast and easy parking of your boat or RV trailer.

Works on almost any terrain:

Park your trailer with ease in almost any terrain or gradient and maneuver tight corners like a pro.

Manufactured with high quality materials:

Super durable materials from North America and high-quality assembly means your Parkit360° will last as long as you need it to. Backed by our parts and labour warranty, you can rest assured knowing your Parkit360° dolly will also be there when you need it.

Country: United States